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The major part of Roto Magma includes delivering quality VFX for its clients. From creating garbage mattes to compiling a shot, Roto Magma deals with all the aspects of a feature.

  • ROTOSCOPYFrom creating precise foreground mattes to filling garbage mattes, Rotoscopy is the first step in most of the VFX projects. This involves a lot of precision and an expert eye for detail. We can boast that we have the experience and quality to produce such accurate mattes.
  • PAINTRemoving the unwanted props from the shots is important in making a realistic feature. Removing wires, rigs and track markers are major types of paint work. Others include film restoration and blemish removal.
  • DIGITAL RESTORATIONWe use the most advanced digital tools and practices in the world to restore and enhance motion picture, still images and audio assets in any format to help our clients preserve their assets for future generations.
  • KEYINGCreating mattes involves not just Rotoscopy, but keying too. Keying footage makes the process much faster. This involves extracting the foreground from the green or blue screen and combining it with a suitable background.
  • TRACKINGTracking is also one of the main aspects of VFX compositing. Just adding objects to a scene does not make it look good. Tracking plays a vital role in creating movement to an object according to the shot.
  • COMPOSITINGAfter doing all the hard work, without a good sense of compositing, the feature can well be ruined. But that’s not to worry at Roto Magma. We have highly skilled compositors who can compile shots of great complexity so perfectly that the scene looks real.

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